Hot Rolled Steel Coils

Black-finished steel sheets, coiled for convenient storage, transportation, and versatility. Applied across a wide spectrum of uses in various manufacturing industries, construction, and general craftsmanship.

Hot Rolled Checkered Coils

Black-finish checkered steel sheets, coiled for easy storage, transportation, and versatility. They can be cut and flattened for various applications.

Galvanised steel Coils

Hot-dipped galvanized steel sheets, created from cold-rolled steel. Their flexibility makes them ideal for folding and molding. Additionally, the multiple robust coating layers enhance their durability with excellent rustproof quality. They are available in both large and small patterns.


Aluzinc is a hot-dipped coating applied to steel products, featuring an aluminum and zinc layer added through a continuous galvanizing process. With the anti-corrosion properties of aluminum and the rustproof qualities of zinc, Aluzinc offers a duration of up to four times longer compared to standard galvanized steel. It is also available in Pre-Painted Galvalume (PPGL).