Founded in 1980, SCM is Thailand’s premier metal specialist and distributor. The company engages in the import, manufacturing, and supply of high-quality metal products, including Steel Coils, Steel Plate, Steel Beam,Structural Steel,
Steel Bar, Service Steel Cutting. We primarily serve leading players in the construction and manufacturing industries.


With over four decades of operation, the company has earned trust and high regard from customers in local and international markets. We leverage our valuable connections, skills, know-how, and understanding along with cutting-edge manufacturing innovations to meet our customers’ demands for quality in both products and services.


All SCM products undergo inspection and receive quality assurance certification from

All products of the company have been inspected

and quality-confirmed according to industrial steel standards

Furthermore, our manufacturing and fabrication operations strictly adhere to environmental standards. We endorse the concept of responsible practices and sustainable development, aiming to secure a prosperous future, not only for our company but also for the community and our customers.


Our goal is to build a solid and authenticated alliance network through transactions and support. We aim to create a promising foundation for our sustainable future.


At Siam Commercial Metal, we focus on sorting and controlling product quality to fulfill our earnest mission of delivering the highest quality products to our customers.


Established as Sun Huad Lee Metal Trade, we specialize in steel trading and steel fabrications.


Registered as Siam Commercial Metal Co., Ltd.


The company expanded its product lines by including steel Steel plate and flate bar. Additionally, it relocated to a new location covering 800 square meters.


We launched a manufacturing complex on an 8,000 square meter plot of land located in Bangkhuntien, Bangkok


We launched the Hot rolled steel coils manufacturing centre and began supplying metal products throughout the country.


We expanded the size of the manufacturing complex to 44,800 square meters.


We imported specialized metals and steel from international sources, while adding seel pipes and bars to the company's product line.


We inaugurated a 19,200 square meter manufacturing complex in Samut Prakan, expanding product’s range in galvanized steel.


We opened a massive 100,800 square meter manufacturing complex in Panus Nikhom, Chonburi.


The company was officially granted a license for importing Steel beam.


The company is currently undergoing a transformation, including a restructuring of its in-house inventory to better support future demands that require more sophistication and precision.

Our Partner

Siam Commercial Metal has strengthened our partnerships with our business allies to drive innovation and service excellence. Our goal is to deliver high-quality solutions that stand the test of time, advancing alongside our customers and business partners toward a sustainable future.